Le Vieux Pin and La Stella tasting notes

September 10th, 2014 tasting I had a chance to try some of the new releases this year and of course I was impressed with the line up. La Stella and Le Vieux Pin have always been very well structured and serious wines for me, this year was no different, in fact more so! First upContinue reading “Le Vieux Pin and La Stella tasting notes”

Preparing for travel, with technology in mind

As I gather my list together for what I need to pack and items still to get for the journey, I notice that there is one big difference between when I last travelled to Scotland in 2006 and now in 2014. Technology has blown up, or rather I have come to rely heavily on smartphones,Continue reading “Preparing for travel, with technology in mind”

#BCWineChat, why you should follow it

Have you ever really wanted to know what goes on in the BC wine industry? Do you want the opportunity to engage with fellow wine lovers and possibly even have the chance to talk to a winemaker, an owner, or various winery team members? Then you should log on to @twitter every Wednesday at 8pm PST/11pm EST and lookContinue reading “#BCWineChat, why you should follow it”

My ideal job? Duh, Wonder Woman of course!

Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt post was about what brand or organization, real or otherwise would you like to work for? My first initial thought was Wonder Woman. Ever since I was little, I have had Wonder Woman as my role model. I had figurines who were almost bigger than I was, a utility belt and I wouldContinue reading “My ideal job? Duh, Wonder Woman of course!”

A visit to the Okanagan Crush Pad

It has been almost a year since I was last at the Okanagan Crush Pad in Summerland BC and I was pleased to see so many more changes and a few more residents of the four legged variety! Owners Christine Coletta and Steve Lorne have made a commitment to the land and to producing the bestContinue reading “A visit to the Okanagan Crush Pad”

NaBloPoMo aka a well needed kick in my pants

A friend and colleague of mine told me about NaBloPoMo, and I thought to myself what a great idea! Post once a day, repeat for 30 days. What a great way to participate in the National Novel Writing Month by joining the National Blog Posting Month challenge. Sounds like a perfect prescription for me to getContinue reading “NaBloPoMo aka a well needed kick in my pants”

You know you are a Wine Ninja when……

One of your first thoughts when talking to a fellow attendee friend on what to pack for the wine bloggers conference, was glassware. Seriously. Having relocated back to the Okanagan from Vancouver with only a few things, I had brought some kitchen equipment, glassware, musical instruments, art, plants, my favourite book series, and some clothesContinue reading “You know you are a Wine Ninja when……”

Hazards of being a Wine Ninja (but not really)

When you work in the wine industry, you get to taste a lot of different wines which is a definite perk. You also learn very quickly to wear dark colours to tastings and how to properly spit. You certainly don’t want to have a “Sideways” moment with the spittoon! (Hazard one. You get black teeth.Continue reading “Hazards of being a Wine Ninja (but not really)”