Naramata Bench Wineries; Part One

This project was a fun one and twofold. After all I am new to working on the Naramata Bench and I needed to try some of the wineries that I was unfamiliar with and secondly, I needed to procure some wine for a friend that had helped remove some of the flooding aftermath devastation thatContinue reading “Naramata Bench Wineries; Part One”

A visit to Bartier Bros. new winery

The Bartier Bros. are Michael and Don Bartier who grew up in the Okanagan but moved away to pursue their education, Different directions chosen when they were young still had a common path and have winded them back along the same goal. Don is the accountant, having moved to Calgary in his younger years to attain his designationContinue reading “A visit to Bartier Bros. new winery”

Le Vieux Pin and La Stella tasting notes

September 10th, 2014 tasting I had a chance to try some of the new releases this year and of course I was impressed with the line up. La Stella and Le Vieux Pin have always been very well structured and serious wines for me, this year was no different, in fact more so! First upContinue reading “Le Vieux Pin and La Stella tasting notes”