My ideal job? Duh, Wonder Woman of course!

Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt post was about what brand or organization, real or otherwise would you like to work for? My first initial thought was Wonder Woman.

Ever since I was little, I have had Wonder Woman as my role model. I had figurines who were almost bigger than I was, a utility belt and I would often spin around ala Lynda Carter hoping to turn into the iconic Amazonian Princess. She was who I aspired to be, a protector.

Throughout my career, I have worked my way up in different facets to be the manager of any business I was in, from a restaurant GM at age 21, to a domestic wine store area manager at age 30. I have had the opportunity to nurture and mentor my team, both women and men and throughout it all, Wonder Woman or the thought of superheroes in general is always in my mind. The Pursuit of Excellence.

I have just seen a documentary on Netflix about Wonder Women! The Untold story of American Superheroines and it makes me glad that I grew up in an age where women were not suppressed and that even in my own adoptive family, I have a superhero Mom to look up to.

So ask me about my ideal job, it would be in a place of balance, using my skills, learning and honing. Being a role model, helping and aiding as I can, being part of a solution and attaining my own goals no matter what obstacle is thrown at me.

Because aren’t we all superheroes? Just because I don’t wear a cape every day (it gets caught in things all the time 😉  ……. doesn’t mean I’m not one. We all ARE.



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