Le Vieux Pin and La Stella tasting notes

September 10th, 2014 tasting I had a chance to try some of the new releases this year and of course I was impressed with the line up. La Stella and Le Vieux Pin have always been very well structured and serious wines for me, this year was no different, in fact more so! First upContinue reading “Le Vieux Pin and La Stella tasting notes”

Hazards of being a Wine Ninja (but not really)

When you work in the wine industry, you get to taste a lot of different wines which is a definite perk. You also learn very quickly to wear dark colours to tastings and how to properly spit. You certainly don’t want to have a “Sideways” moment with the spittoon! (Hazard one. You get black teeth.Continue reading “Hazards of being a Wine Ninja (but not really)”