Our Beautiful British Columbia

I am not a born British Columbian, but I am one in spirit.

The summer years of my childhood were spent driving back and forth from a northern Alberta town to the Okanagan Valley for as far back as I can remember. For about 2-3 weeks a year we were in paradise; a clean lake to swim in, a beach to sleep on, tons of trails to explore and not to mention the heat!

I am lucky enough to live here, spending a good chunk of time in the Lower Mainland as well as my beloved Okanagan which I have come home to. I was planning on writing the NaBloPoMo prompt tonight until I saw this “Wild within” video on twitter posted by @hellobc (Destination BC).

Wow. I think my part of my jaw is still on the floor. They captured the pure essence and pure “epic-ness” of this great land we call home. It is the land of the untamed, the land of wine, and the land of our people. It is not unusual to see film productions here, living in Vancouver, I drove by a film shoot almost every single day.

I love our First Nations, I am also one of them. I feel such a pull to the land, to protect it for future generations and to preserve our history. I am proud to live here, happy to promote the province I live in and the beautiful bounty we have to offer.

British Columbia, Canada.

If it isn’t on your bucket list to visit, it should be.



One response to “Our Beautiful British Columbia”

  1. What a view, what a perfectly poured glass of wine. That’s loving life, right there!

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