Preparing for travel, with technology in mind


As I gather my list together for what I need to pack and items still to get for the journey, I notice that there is one big difference between when I last travelled to Scotland in 2006 and now in 2014.

Technology has blown up, or rather I have come to rely heavily on smartphones, gadgets, devices, and tablets. That, and I must begrudgingly admit, 2006 was a heck of a long time ago.

One example is that I purchased a purse today, not just based on what it looked like, but that it was big enough to hold my tablet and my phone along with miscellaneous other crap that I cannot seem to survive without. In my defence, I can also use my purse as a weapon, I pity anyone on the other end of that receiving brunt haha 😉

When I think back to what I had packed backed then; I had a magazine, a Sudoku puzzle book, and a Canon Sure Shot camera with a few rolls of film. That same camera is still in my possession, but it has resumed its post as a reprised dust collector. It is far more convenient to whip out the phone and snap a shot then it is to pull out the camera, focus it, and snap. ~That, I find a bit sad, but C’est la vie.

I spent about an hour today after my work day researching and pricing out a portable battery charger that could charge an iPhone, an Android, a Tablet, and any USB device that I had. I picked one out, will review it once I put it through its paces, but it seemed like the best value for $40.

Now that I have the “charging-when-I’m-not-near-a-power-source” scenario covered I need to worry about data. My local provider is so not the way to go when you are overseas. So scratch getting a plan for my phone, no upgrade either at the moment.

An unlocked phone that you can put various country SIM cards into and add different plans seems like the smartest way to go when you are international in many countries. If the person you are travelling with has one, even better! There is always wifi when you look for it, and the personal hotspot. FYI, you can get an unlocked Google Nexus 5 from Google Play for about $350 and it is great to travel with.

So I am not fully packed yet, but I am scratching a few more items off my list, only 10 more sleeps until the big day!


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In wine there is truth. This blog is about my own musings, from the very beginnings.... Truth. In my very first wine experience, I did not even like the smell of wine. I loved the tanks, hoses, and barrels but plugged my nose while walking around the winery. In reality, this wine ninja was all of 5 years of age and had many years to go before falling under the allure of wine. Flash forward a few years, I was culinary bound, learning about flavours, origins and the land and then discovered the concept of Wine pairings. My mind was blown :O! I needed to learn all I could, so I took a chance and applied at 3 wineries. I started at my first choice one on an entry level position, but I have never looked back. I grew with the winery, experiencing different aspects and later growing with the company in management in all aspects of retail and also in sales. Though I have done schooling for other things artistic in nature, I have always circled back to wine, the siren to my career. I have my ISG diploma, are WSET Certified and strive to learn all I can, taking my WSET Diploma with a goal in sight. This is a place where I will share my true impressions, experiences, tastings, recipes (gluten free as I am a celiac), and thoughts not of anyone else. In vino veritas, the quest for knowledge never ends.

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