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One of your first thoughts when talking to a fellow attendee friend on what to pack for the wine bloggers conference, was glassware.


Having relocated back to the Okanagan from Vancouver with only a few things, I had brought some kitchen equipment, glassware, musical instruments, art, plants, my favourite book series, and some clothes and shoes.


So I got to thinking…… Riedel Champagne flutes for that special occasion. Vinum Extreme for that special Pinot Noir. Perhaps an all purpose glass was needed, or maybe just my tasting glass. Maybe I should just focus more on what I am wearing. nah

(Then I realized that I am going to a wine bloggers conference. I think proper glassware is a pre-requisite.)

So packing aside, my suitcase (car) may just be carrying a few boxes of glassware as well.

Because, you never know.

WBC, I am ready for you!