Naramata Bench Wineries; Part One

This project was a fun one and twofold. After all I am new to working on the Naramata Bench and I needed to try some of the wineries that I was unfamiliar with and secondly, I needed to procure some wine for a friend that had helped remove some of the flooding aftermath devastation thatContinue reading “Naramata Bench Wineries; Part One”

Welcome to my blog, ZWineNinja update

I love November. It is still reminiscent of my favourite month October and just before the mad rush of Christmas when everything calms down. Harvest time, a time for new beginnings, new possibilities and a path laid down fresh.  Here is a sidewalk selfie from the summer, no doubt taken at a local winery onContinue reading “Welcome to my blog, ZWineNinja update”

NaBloPoMo part deux circa 2015….

How has a year gone by so quickly? It is November again, like a new year full of promise and words to decorate. Many interesting things have happened this year, and many still to come. An old friend returns back to Canada this week and I am sure that there will be many fabulous items toContinue reading “NaBloPoMo part deux circa 2015….”

A visit to Bartier Bros. new winery

The Bartier Bros. are Michael and Don Bartier who grew up in the Okanagan but moved away to pursue their education, Different directions chosen when they were young still had a common path and have winded them back along the same goal. Don is the accountant, having moved to Calgary in his younger years to attain his designationContinue reading “A visit to Bartier Bros. new winery”

Core ConneXion Transformational Arts® – Dance

Have you ever heard a song on the radio, store, or a friend’s place where you just felt that that urge to dance? Did you actually get up? If the answer is yes then bravo to you. If the answer is a hesitant no, but wanted to be yes, then you need to learn about this free-formContinue reading “Core ConneXion Transformational Arts® – Dance”

Love Locks on the Albert Docks, UK

We were walking along the Albert Docks yesterday when I noticed several locks on the chain fences by the water. My Aunt explained to me that this is what people do in Liverpool; lock the padlock and throw away the key, so your lock remains there as a symbol of your love. Cool idea, thereContinue reading “Love Locks on the Albert Docks, UK”

Train bound, my favourite method of transport

I love trains. They are classic, timeless, and still one of the most efficient ways of travel. Funnily enough other than transit travel, I have not yet been on a cross country train yet in Canada. That shall be remedied at a later date to be sure. Today’s journey was to Liverpool and after aContinue reading “Train bound, my favourite method of transport”