Love Locks on the Albert Docks, UK

We were walking along the Albert Docks yesterday when I noticed several locks on the chain fences by the water. My Aunt explained to me that this is what people do in Liverpool; lock the padlock and throw away the key, so your lock remains there as a symbol of your love. Cool idea, thereContinue reading “Love Locks on the Albert Docks, UK”

Train bound, my favourite method of transport

I love trains. They are classic, timeless, and still one of the most efficient ways of travel. Funnily enough other than transit travel, I have not yet been on a cross country train yet in Canada. That shall be remedied at a later date to be sure. Today’s journey was to Liverpool and after aContinue reading “Train bound, my favourite method of transport”

Ninja Trip Day two

So. On day two of the trip aka the continuing day of no sleep, cranky crying children aboard planes and almost 30 hours of not eating we were moseying around the Amsterdam airport in search of coffee and “food-that-would-not-kill-me”. What a beautiful airport! I cannot even fathom the size of it as it took quiteContinue reading “Ninja Trip Day two”

Scotland the Brave, Scotland….the home of Outlander

Ok, T- minus 8 sleeps now for the countdown to Scotland! I have visited the lovely United Kingdom 3 times already in my life, and that I can say is that even that, is not enough times! My Mom is a Scottish Lass so we have family all through out, and I am happy toContinue reading “Scotland the Brave, Scotland….the home of Outlander”

Preparing for travel, with technology in mind

As I gather my list together for what I need to pack and items still to get for the journey, I notice that there is one big difference between when I last travelled to Scotland in 2006 and now in 2014. Technology has blown up, or rather I have come to rely heavily on smartphones,Continue reading “Preparing for travel, with technology in mind”